ACCP Training Guidance following disruption from COVID-19

Firstly, we’d like to thank the ACCP community for all of their hard work during the pandemic, especially for supporting colleagues deployed to critical care. 

Due to the disruption COVID-19 has caused, we would anticipate that there may be delays for some ACCP trainees in completing the training programme. We cannot speak for the Universities regarding catching up on class time but your HEI should be in touch about how they intend to make up for any lost sessions. We understand the desire from Universities to recommence teaching and complete outstanding modules as soon as possible but would ask them to consider that not all ACCP trainees may feel ready to do so. We would recommend that ACCP Programme Leads liaise with their local HEIs to see if it would be possible to provide an option for trainees to delay submitting their training portfolios (should they so wish) as this may help relieve some of the strain they have been under. All discussions and decisions should be conducted locally and be on a case by case basis.

For any ACCP in training that has experienced a significant disruption to their clinical training we would expect that the programme will need to be extended by around 3 months (to be determined locally) in order for individuals to be able to catch up on any missed training opportunities to ensure they attain the necessary clinical competencies at the required level to complete their training

ACCPs must complete a programme leading to an appropriate Postgraduate Masters degree with a Higher Education Institution. Teaching within hospitals is overseen by a Local Clinical Lead (LCL) who holds an honorary appointment with the HEI and is responsible to the HEI for the delivery of the clinical components of training. 

Please note that at present the Faculty do not endorse, accredit or approve specific training programmes. In the future the Faculty plan to develop a system of training programme accreditation.

If you think that ACCP training might be for you and would like further information check out our Careers section

Trainee Registration

All ACCPs in training are requested to register with the Faculty so we can keep you up to date of any useful developments and start to monitor the ACCP workforce.

Please note that is does not automatically mean that you will be accepted as an Associate Member of the Faculty.

Any individual beginning an ACCP training programme from 05 November 2017 which does not meet the FICM specification for ACCP training (details of which can be found here) will not be eligible to apply for FICM Associate Membership.

It is the responsibility of the individual seeking FICM Associate Membership and the hospital trust providing their training to ensure trainee ACCPs undertake FICM recognised training.

Registration is free. Please download and complete the form below and return it to 

ACCP Trainee Registration Form