ICM Curriculum Consultation 2019

We are pleased to invite stakeholder feedback on our plans for the new ICM curriculum due to be launched in August 2021.

For background on the project and our progress to date see here

READ THIS FIRST: Before you review the curriculum documents in the box below we recommend you read the following document containing a presentation that introduces and gives context to the new curriculum, provides guidance on the terminolgy used and a summary of the changes:

ICM Curriculum Review - supporting information


New ICM Curriculum - documents for review
  1. ICM's High Level Learning Outcomes (HiLLOs)                                                   NB: in no order of priority, all of equal importance, numbered for ease of reference.
  2. Assessment Strategy

​NB: These documents relate to the curriculum for the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine. The dual training programmes will be developed once all of the corresponding new curricula have been approved by the GMC.


Consultation Survey - feedback welcome

When you feel ready to send us your comments after you have reviewed the documents above, please kindly submit your feedback via our online survey here. You have the ability to submit comments as an indivdual or on behalf of an organisation.

The deadline for all responses is 5pm on Friday 20 December 2019

  • To view a copy of the consultation questions before completing the survey please click here
  • To view a copy of the Privacy Notice for the survey explaining how we will process the data you send us, click here