Curriculum Review

In May 2017, the General Medical Council released their new standards for curricula and assessments, Excellence By Design. These standards have ushered in a new era for curricula design, moving UK NHS training from competency-based to outcome-based approaches.


The CCT in ICM

The CCT in ICM is informed by the international CoBaTrICE model, which already had an outcome-based design. The CCT has been live since 2012 and was due for a full review in 2017. However, the GMC have requested that all major reviews be now made against the new standards. Although this means a delay for a full review, the Faculty is glad to have the opportunity to use the outcome-based approach.  Running a curriculum for the first time as unearthed a number of issues with its application, which the Faculty want to use the review to address.



The review of the curriculum will be a long and complex project. The new curriculum will be submitted in Q1 of 2020 for a full review by the GMC's Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) with the aim to launch it in August 2021. 


What is happening?

A core curriculum review group has been convened from members of the Training, Assessment & Quality Committee, including trainee representation.  This core group will oversee an exploratory initial phase.  So far they have:

  • Conducted an initial survey to all members to learn about issues with the current curriculum.
  • Met with the General Medical Council and the Curriculum Oversight Group (consisting of Deans, the Shape of Training initiative, and representatives from the Departments of Health) to approve our position statement for the specialty.
  • Met with representatives from the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board, the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the Intercollegiate ACCS Committee, Health Education England and COPMeD. 
  • Learned lessons from colleagues at the JRCPTB and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health who have piloted the new GMC standards. 
  • Held a series of small focus groups with trainees.
  • Had the curriculum purpose statement confirmed by teh GMC's Curriculum Overisght Group (COG).
  • Defined the high level outcomes and key capabilities that will underpin the new curriculum.
  • Drafted an assessment strategy for the new curriculum


How can I get involved?

The curriculum review process will have multiple opportunities for open consultation and review.  These will be regularly cascaded via our member’s e-newsletter, Dean’s Digest.  Do also feel welcome to contact us at


As part of this project, we will consult with all members, with trainees and trainers, via public portal, with patients and relatives, with NHS Employers from all home nations, with the cross-organisational Curriculum Oversight Group, with Deans and education providers, and with partner specialties and services.