Joint CCT Curriculum

UK specialty recognition for Intensive Care Medicine was achieved in 1999 and a competency-based training programme, one of the first in the UK, was developed.  Blocks of ICM training to be taken at different stages of 'parent' specialty training were  described, along with 'complementary' training modules. 

Successful completion of this training for a trainee who had competed for entry to the training programme resulted in the award of a Joint Certificate of Completion of (Specialist) Training in their parent specialty and ICM.  The Joint CCST (later Joint CCT) in ICM was published in various editions which can be accessed via the links below: 

In 2010 the FICM was tasked by the General Medical Council to develop a single, standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine.  This curriculum has now been approved and will supercede the Joint CCT.  Since 31 July 2013 there has been no futher recruitment to the Joint CCT, but those trainees who have been appointed to the Joint programme will continue in it until they have completed their training.

  • Please click here for more information on the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine.