General Information

The FFICM Final examination is mandatory for all those entering the new ICM CCT programme (from August 2012). However, those on the Joint CCT will be eligible to take the examination, although it will remain optional. Affiliate Fellows, Members (MFICM), Associate Members and MTI doctors of the Faculty who meet all of the exam eligibility criteria will also be permitted to sit the FFICM exam.

Exam Regulations
Please see the FFICM Exam Regulations in the related downloads section below for detailed information on eligibility, application procedures, appeals and guidance. 

Further information
Please visit the Primary and Final FFICM pages for more information about these sections of the exam. The FFICM Exam Guide also provides a summary of the Exam Regulations as well as exam preparation advice. 

Please note that photographic identification is required for all examinations, further information can be found in the related downloads section below along with OSCE and SOE candidate information. 

Chairman’s Summary
The Chairman's summary of the FFICM Final OSCE/SOE Examination held on 15th and 16th October 2019 is available below.

FICM/FPM/RCoA Transparency data: The Cost of training 

The Examinations department have recently released the FICM/FPM/RCoA transparency data: the cost of training document.