FICM Lifelong Learning Platform

The new FICM Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) is almost complete and we will be issuing logins shortly. In this section you'll find updates on key documents, progress, dates, changes and how its implementation will affect you. We're constantly updating this page as and when we're able to provide up to date information, so please check back regularly.

Please see below to access the LLP and for guidance on its use.

Please note that the LLP is for doctors on the ICM CCT (either single or dual programmes). 

If you already have an LLP login and username (for example as an ACCS Anaes trainee or trainer) then please contact the Faculty so that your ICM role can be added to your pre-existing account. This will mean that you do not need to log in and out of the LLP in order to access your different roles within it.

If you have queries or problems with using the LLP, please consult the user guides first. If that does not solve your issue then please do not hesitate to contact us

FICM Lifelong Learning Platform

Please click here to access the LLP.

Further Information & User Guides

Recent Updates

19 July 2021

We recently held webinars on the ICM LLP for both StRs and Trainers. Please review the videos below that should give you an in depth understanding of the system's main functions.


FICM LLP and new ICM Curriculum Webinar for StRs 

NB: To view the video in full screen, please click here


FICM LLP and new ICM Curriculum Webinar for Trainers 

NB: To view the video in full screen, please click here


20 May 2021
Please see the recent update in Trainee Eye about deadlines for downloading your data from the NES ePortfolio and moving to the ICM Lifelong Learning Platform. We are intending to send logins to users next month if the final development sprint stays on track.

Key points:

  • Go live 04 August 2021. Anyone that will not CCT by 31 August 2022 will have to move to the new curriculum and LLP. This includes anyone on a Dual CCT programme (as there is only one CCT Date), you will have to move to the new ICM Curriculum and LLP irrespective of the curriculum transition arrangements of your partner specialty.
  • Login details to be issued in June/July 2021
  • Documentation needs to be downloaded from NES by 31 December 2021. Access will cease for most people on this date
  • Stage 3 trainees that will CCT by 31 August 2022 but would like to move to the new Lifelong Learning Platform should contact the Faculty.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us


1 April 2021

We recently demonstrated the new ICM LLP at our Training Leadership Annual Meeting and recorded that session so it could be viewed publicly. Please see the video below that highlights the work completed so far; demonstrating the functionality of the new system.

NB: To view the video in full screen, please click here

LLP Release Notes

The LLP Advisory Group will be busy behind the scenes making small changes to the LLP to make everyday use easier. Our release notes below offer brief, high-level descriptions of technical issues that have been resolved, as well as enhancements and new features. If you have suggestions that you wish to be considered for the LLP, please let us know by email at or through the trainee representatives.