Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is pleased to receive applications from Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs) for Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership (ACCP Membership). Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below and in the attached application before applying.


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This route is ONLY for use by Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs).

Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership is open to Advanced Critical Care Practitioners employed in a substantive ACCP role in the NHS or Defence Medical Services who have:

  • satisfactorily completed Advanced Critical Care Practitioner training to a minimum of PGDip level; and

  • have successfully completed an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner training programme with the National Competency Framework (2008) core and common competencies; and

  • are in career posts functioning as Advanced Critical Care Practitioners and wish their experience to be considered. Please read the regulations in appendix D before completing the form.

Standard for Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership 

Advanced Critical Care Practitioners applying for ACCP Membership are expected to have successfully attained the competencies set out in the National Competency Framework (2008). The Faculty strongly advises that Clinical Supervisors follow the competency checklist below when signing the application form; the competency titles are listed on the application for summary purposes only.

Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Application Standards for ACCPs Checklist

Please note: The Faculty considers it a probity issues to sign the application form without having understood the standard identified in those competencies and/or for signing the certificate of an applicant who does not reach the standard.

ACCPs who have started training since the publication of the ACCP Curriculum in 2015 must ensure their training occurs in existing UK training centres approved for, at a minimum, Stage 1 and 2 ICM level training.  The FICM considers that units who do not train this level of ICM CCT trainee would be unable to deliver the level of training required by the ACCP curriculum; as such the Faculty would not consider it appropriate for FICM Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership to be awarded to any ACCPs trained in units who do not receive this level of ICM CCT trainee.

Supporting Signatures

Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership applications must be accompanied by signatures  from the Clinical Supervisor (appendix A) from the Trust at which applicants have completed their training; the Clinical Director (appendix B) and the ACCP Programme Lead/Director (appendix C) from the Trust at which applicants are currently employed.

Abbreviated CV

Applicants are also asked to provide an abbreviated CV specific to their application detailing:

  • The Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (PGDip) training modules, including a non-medical prescribing module or course 

  • An employment history including and in depth description of the applicants current role.

  • Confirmation the applicant is on the medical rota

  • Confirmation of job title.

Rights and privileges

Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Membership confers the following rights and privileges:

  • The use of the description ‘Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Member of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

  • To attend and speak at General Meetings of the Faculty

  • To be appointed to Committees, Working Parties, and other groups of the Faculty

  • To use the facilities of the RCoA buildings

  • To attend available Faculty events

  • To benefit from the arrangements organised by the Faculty for participating in Continuing Professional Development


Subscriptions last from the billing dates of April to April and October to October and are not time limited depending on the financial year. As an example, a practioner who applies in February 2016 will be billed for Associate Membership in February 2016. They will not be billed again until April 2017.


If you have any problems or queries regarding your application please contact the Faculty at

Application form

Please click the links below for the Associate Membership application form, ACCP Competency Checklist, Equal Opportunities Monitoring form and accompanying Direct Debit instructions. The application form must be submitted electronically via

Please note that from Thursday 17 May 2018 the Faculty will not be accepting the old forms.