The FICM often receives requests to distribute Surveys to our Fellows and Members. The decision was taken to not forward on non-FICM surveys, so as not to overload our Fellows and Members with emails.

We are aware that these surveys can however be of interest so, without any endorsement from the FICM, this page will list surveys which the FICM has been asked to distribute, so you may complete them if you wish.

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Current Surveys​:


18 September 2020

Doctors' Nutrition during their shift work at the hospitals

Kiu Sum, a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster is undertaking a study of the nutrition of Doctors during shift work and how this relates to wellbeing.

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Link to join study:

18 September 2020

Amy de Bruycker, a PhD researcher with the University of Leicester is working on her PhD project titled: When female Junior Doctors cross the career threshold: why women are underrepresented in prestigious specialities in the NHS?

This project aims to understand why women are not choosing certain specialties, which is the key to beginning the search for solutions to this discrepancy. It is essential that females are represented equally in all branches of medicine.

The project has been hold nearly 6 months due to COVID but is now trying to recruit participants again after a long delay. They are seeking to speak to:

  • Female junior doctors within the NHS, or those who have taken a recent career break (within 3 years)
  • FY1, FY2 or ST doctors

For more information:

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Resilience of Healthcare Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic

A group of international doctors and a psychologist are looking to investigate the Resilience of Healthcare Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In order to do this, they have put together a 7 minute survey which uses validated psychological scales to ascertain levels of this and related factors. 

They would greatly appreciate your assistance in the form of taking the survey. There is further information in the link itself.

To access the survey click here:

Please feel free to directly message or email ( if you have any questions.

Post resuscitation care management in UK ICUs

Post resuscitation care forms part of the chain in the management of cardiac arrest. The Resuscitation Council (UK) last published guidelines on post resuscitation care in 2015. Although these are very useful for managing patients in the post resuscitation phase.

This survey is investigating the extent to which ICUs nationwide are applying these guidelines during management of patients post-ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation).

Survey Link:

Management of pain in patients with rib fractures in critical care

The survey is asking for people's opinions and experience in the management of pain secondary to rib fractures in the critical care setting.

The project is being supported by the critical care department at UHB, Birmingham,

Survey Link: