Octobr 2021 FFICM VIVA Exam

Bookings are now CLOSED. 

The next FFICM VIVA examination is on Monday 18 October 2021 - Wednesday 20 October 2021. Possibly also Thursday 21 October 2021 - Friday 22 October 2021. The application window for the sitting is now CLOSED. 

The October 2021 FFICM VIVA Exam will be held remotely over Zoom.

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Please see our separate statement on advice for doctors in training on the new joint website.


RCoA Statement on Examination Fees 2020-21

The Royal College of Anaesthetists, which administers and delivers the FFICM  examinations, has released a statement regarding examination fees for the 2020/2021 academic year. The costings outlined in the statement have been deferred until January 2021 but will apply from that date onward.

The FFICM examination is an integral part of the assessment of the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine, and will enable national standards to be applied fairly for all learners irrespective of where or by whom they are trained.

The examination will build on the experience of other Royal Colleges' examinations and also the best components of the FCICM (Australasian) exam - this examination and training programme has gained widespread recognition for its quality.