New guidance on number of attempts at FFICM examinations (applicable from August 2020)

In accordance with General Medical Council guidelines on managing examinations during the pandemic, any candidate’s first sitting of an examination in a new online format (online written with remote proctoring or online face-to-face clinical) will not have that attempt counted towards the overall total six attempts if they do not receive a pass.

This temporary change applies to all FFICM examinations between August 2020 and 31 July 2021.


  • if a candidate fails the first attempt of an online proctored MCQ exam, the attempt will not be counted. Subsequent sittings of the same exam will then count towards the total overall number of attempts.
  • if a candidate sits the online face-to-face Final OSCE and SOE and fails one component, the passed component will be held and the failed component will not count as an attempt. Any subsequent resit will count as an attempt.

January 2021 FFICM MCQ Exam

Bookings are now open. Please click here

Given the uncertainty about lockdown, social distancing guidance and travel so far in advance, the exact format and location of the exam are currently under consideration.

October 2020 FFICM VIVA Exams

The October 2020 FFICM oral examination took place from 19-23 October 2020. We've just received news from the exams team that the results of the October 2020 FFICM oral exam will be released at 1400 on Friday 30 October, they will be notifying all candidates today (27 October 2020) to let them know.

 Information for Candidates 

 Remote Examination FAQs

 Regulations specific for the remote exam

 Virtual Oral exam candidate guidance

FFICM Final OSCE example video

Powerpoint on Example Artefacts

 Accompanying word document for the Example Artefacts

Please see our separate statement on advice for doctors in training on the new joint website.

Statement regarding exams

RCoA Statement on Examination Fees 2020-21

The Royal College of Anaesthetists, which administers and delivers the FFICM  examinations, has released a statement regarding examination fees for the 2020/2021 academic year. The costings outlined in the statement have been deferred until January 2021 but will apply from that date onward.

The FFICM examination is an integral part of the assessment of the standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine, and will enable national standards to be applied fairly for all learners irrespective of where or by whom they are trained.

The examination will build on the experience of other Royal Colleges' examinations and also the best components of the FCICM (Australasian) exam - this examination and training programme has gained widespread recognition for its quality.