For Trainees

This page serves as a portal to areas of the website relevant to trainees. Please use the links below to access information on the relevant topics:

I have a general query about FICM training
Please see our FAQ page

I would like to register as a trainee with the Faculty
Please see our registration page for more information regarding routes of registration and the relevant registration forms

I would like to find out about Less than Full Time Training
Please see our LTFT training page

I would like to find out about Return to Work Guidance
Please see our Trainee Return to Work Guidance

I would like to find out about any FICM events suitable for trainees
Please see our Faculty Events page or the RCoA Events page

I would like more information on and/or to apply for the Final FICM Examination
Please see our Examinations page

I would like to find out more about ICM training assessments
Please see our guide to Assessments and Logbooks

I would like to find out more about eICM Education Modules
Please see our eICM page

I would like to find out about training in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine.
PICS training is via the RCPCH Grid programme, please see here for more details.

I would like my overseas Out of Programme Training to count towards my ICM UK programme
Please see our guidance on overseas training

I am an overseas doctor and would like to train or work in ICM in the UK
Please see our guidance on overseas training. If you completed some or all of your training outside the UK you may be eligible to apply for Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR); please see our CESR and Equivalence of Training page and the GMC website for further information.

I need to find out who my Regional Advisor is
Please see our list of Regional Advisors in ICM

I would like more information about research opportunities and academic training in ICM
Please see our Research in ICM page

I would like to find out about the recruitment process for ICM posts
Please see our National Recruitment page

My question has not been answered via the trainee portal, how can I contact the Faculty?
The Faculty is contactable via our Contact page