National Evaluation of the ACCP Role

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In 2019, the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) and Northumbria University conducted a project to evaluate the perceptions surrounding the introduction of the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner role within the critical care workforce across England, Scotland and Wales.

The aim of this subsequent study was to conduct a survey evaluation of the perceptions surrounding the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP) role during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The following survey design serves to gather data based upon the existing standards and practices of the ACCP role as set out by FICM.

This study was undertaken as a collaboration between Northumbria University and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (as part of the Royal College of Anaesthetists) and was not directly funded by either of these institutions. This study and its protocol received full ethical approval from Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Research Ethics Committee at Northumbria University.

All staff groups that have worked directly with ACCPs during the COVID-19 pandemic were invited to participate in this study. 

The Faculty and the Principle Investigator really do appreciate the time taken by our participants to fill in the survey.

Information disclosure

Principle Investigator: Sadie Diamond-Fox is an ACCP at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and a Senior Lecturer in Advanced Critical Care Practice at Northumbria University. She was admitted to the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine as an Associate Member (since referred to as ACCP Member) in 2016 and has maintained her membership with the Faculty since.