Podcast: Max & Kiera’s Law

On the 20th May 2020, the legislation relating to consent for organ donation changed to an opt out system.  As critical care plays a pivotal role in the organ donation process, these two podcasts give a clinical perspective on the importance of the new legislation and how it impacts on the discussions we have with family members about consent for organ donation.  

There are also some interesting anecdotes & lessons learnt from the awareness campaign and implementation strategy used in Wales when this law was first introduced in 2015. 

Dale Gardiner is the National Clinical Lead for Organ Donation. In this podcast he gives a clinical perspective of the new legislation relating to deemed consent, with a particular focus on communication with families. 

Phil Walton is the Project Lead for Deemed Consent Legislation at NHSBT and played a pivotal role in the implementation of Max & Keira’s law in Wales. In this podcast he talks about his experiences of introducing a mass behaviour change strategy, which also involved getting help from a professor of linguistics and a hostage negotiator.