Podcast: The Coroner – Part 2

This month James Sira talks to Bev Frankland about writing a statement for the coroner, as well as preparing and giving evidence at the coroner’s inquest. 

Bev is the Risk & Inquest Manager for South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust. She is primarily responsible for looking after the ‘top-end’ of the investigation spectrum e.g. inquests, serious investigations and police matters.  She has several years experience supporting medical staff through the process of an inquest and in these podcasts shares some key advice.

Writing a statement and preparing for inquest

In this podcast, Bev talks about how to write a statement that may prevent you needing to attend an inquest and how to prepare if you do need to attend.

Giving evidence at an inquest

Bev then goes on to talk about giving evidence at the coroner’s inquest, and how to communicate effectively with families to prevent misunderstanding and complaints.