LLP Guidance Material

Please note that the LLP is for doctors on the ICM CCT (either single or dual/triple programmes). 

If you already have an LLP login and username (for example as an ACCS Anaes trainee or trainer) then please contact the Faculty so that your ICM role can be added to your pre-existing account. This will mean that you do not need to log in and out of the LLP in order to access your different roles within it.

To access the LLP you need to login via the RCoA’s domain page: login. Once you have logged in you will see the FICM branding to know that you are on the right site for ICM training.

Questions and Advice

Should you have any issues with using the FICM LLP, please contact us via: and we will be happy to try and assist you. 

FICM Learner user guidance

Click here for step-by-step LLP guidance for FICM Learners. Please read this to help you navigate the new system and to answer any immediate questions you might have. The User Guides for Supervisors are currently in development and will be published in due course.

This material is also available in PDF format via the link below.

2021 Anaes/ACCS Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)

These are now live in the FICM Learner tab. This means you can now complete the Anaesthetic assessments for your placements in Anaesthesia and link them to your ICM Curriculum without having to download them from the RCoA website and then reupload to your FICM LLP.

Placements for Dual Learners (e.g. RCoA and FICM)

You can now create and replicate placements with different Educational Supervisors (i.e. one Anaes ES and one ICM ES) across your RCoA and FICM Learner tabs in the platform. We emailed all our doctors on the Dual Anaes and ICM programme using the LLP to notify them about how to do this. If you are still unsure, then please contact us. This should ensure that your respective Educational Supervisors can now access and monitor your progress against the ICM and Anaesthetics curricula.

Linking an SLE to the 2021 ICM and Anaes/ACCS curricula

The FICM LLP now has the functionality to allow Dual Learners (on the 2021 Anaes and  ACCS curricula only) to create an Anaesthetic or ICM SLE and link it to both curricula.

We did attempt to also include Dual Learners on the 2010 Anaesthetic and ACCS curricula in this, but it proved too complicated to implement the fix for both sets of curricula. It would have caused numerous complications and we did not have the budget to overcome these difficulties. These users will still have to download completed SLEs from the respective sides of the platform and upload and link them to their curricula as Personal Activities.

Click here for detailed guidance.

Difficulties in finding ICM Assessors (for SLEs), and ICM Educational and Clinical Supervisors

If you are unable to find a consultant on the system, it is likely they have not been given an LLP account yet or if they already have an existing LLP account, they might not have been given the necessary ICM roles for them to be able to appear in the ICM Assessor/ Supervisor search results. 

It is not automatic for all the anaesthetic consultants to be visible on the FICM side of the LLP, the FICM secretariat must go into their account and give them the respective ICM roles for this to happen.

You should still be able to send SLEs to consultants not on the LLP to review and approve via the ‘Guest Assessor’ function, but this functionality only works for those not already on the system.

If the doctor already has an existing LLP account and you attempt to send them an assessment via the ‘Guest Assessor’ route, you will receive a notification that their email already exists on the system, preventing you from completing this action. If that happens, you will need to contact the Faculty to add the necessary ICM role(s) to the doctor’s existing LLP account.

Supervisor/Assessor accounts

The FICM LLP works slightly differently to the ICM NES ePortfolio. In the LLP, all actions are StR led, meaning they initiate all forms and assessments (including Stage certificates) and send them to their trainers when they need reviewing and or approval. Trainers should not initiate any forms for their StRs in the FICM LLP. Trainers only need to act on anything that has been sent to them to review and approve by StRs, which will all be displayed in their LLP accounts under their ‘Assessing’ tabs.

It is imperative that supervisors and assessors regularly check their ‘Assessing’ tabs for notifications.

They should check the ‘For Your Review’ and ‘Next ARCP’ boxes in their ‘Assessing’ tabs to ensure they have reviewed and approved all forms sent to them and to note when they have been invited to attend ARCPs, which should all appear in the ‘For your review’ and ‘Next ARCP’ boxes in their ‘Assessing’ tab.

When FICM Learners have added consultants to their ICM placements as Educational or Clinical Supervisors they will be able to see a list of the ICM doctors they are supervisor for in their LLP accounts under their ‘Supervising ICM’ tabs.


Guidance for Supervised Learning Event (SLE) Assessors

The principles of the following guidance apply to assessments completed as part of the ICM curriculum.

  1. Assessors should be familiar with the ICM curriculum as well as the principles of assessment and feedback in medical education.
  2. An SLE is a formative assessment; therefore it should be completed to provide as much useful information as possible.  An SLE should be used as a record of learning rather than a record of experience.
  3. Whilst it is the responsibility of the assessor to determine if they are suitably placed to complete an assessment, educational supervisors should be mindful of the range of assessors accessed when making summative judgements.  It is expected that the majority of SLEs would be completed by consultants.
  4. Assessors must be independent practitioners for any area of knowledge or skill they are assessing. 
  5. The assessment of a practical skill can be appropriately done by any person who is fully independent in that skill.
  6. For doctors undertaking stage 2 training, best practice would be for an ACAT, mini-CEX or a CBD to be completed by a consultant. For doctors in stage 1 training, it may also be appropriate for doctors in stage 3 to complete these assessments.
  7. Assessors and assessees should be cognisant of cultural hierarchies that might influence an assessment.  An example would be a trainee who has returned after a break in training being assessed by a doctor who was previously junior to them in a training programme.
  8. It is generally inappropriate for a doctor in training to assess a colleague in the same or higher stage of training.
  9. It is inappropriate for doctors in training or ACCPs to complete summative assessments.  These assessments should be completed by medical staff designated by the faculty tutor to do so.
  10. If assessments are to be completed by doctors who are not training in ICM or consultants with LLP access, they should be completed as an ‘external assessor’.
  11. For doctors in training to gain the LLP functionality to complete assessments, they should email 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions about the FICM LLP.


RCoA user guidance


Webinar guidance

We held webinars on the ICM LLP in 2021 for both StRs and Trainers. Please do review the videos below that will give an in depth understanding of the system's functions.

Data from NES

For anyone who could not get round to downloading all their data off from the NES platform on or before 31 January 2022, we may still have a copy of requested data available on our records. Please note some sections of the data might be redacted.                                                             

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us

TLAM demonstration video

We demonstrated the new ICM LLP at our Training Leadership Annual Meeting in March 2021 and recorded that session so it could be viewed publicly. Please see the video below that highlights the work completed so far; demonstrating the functionality of the new system.

Do you have feedback?
If you have suggestions that you wish to be considered for the LLP, please let us know by emailing or through the trainee representatives.