Linking Core Training Programme Evidence

Transitioning to the ICM CCT Curriculum from your core training programme, you will need to identify what training/experience can be incorporated into Stage 1 of the ICM Curriculum in the LLP. You can do this by reading and following our guidance below: 

It is not necessary to enter all your previous placements in the LLP, just any relevant evidence demonstrating the skills, knowledge and experience you have already obtained against the ICM curriculum

You need to think about what suitable evidence you should upload against the Paediatric Emergencies, Neuro ICM and Cardiothoracic ICM HiLLOs from your core training programme.

Some examples of what you could evidence are as follows:

  • Neuro ICM: the management of a closed head injury, sub arachnoid bleed, raised ICP (hundreds of causes, eg DKA, Sepsis, meningitis, metabolic conditions, trauma, cardiac arrest, trendelenberg for prolonged Anaesthesia).  
  • Cardiothoracic ICM: ALS, cardiac arrest, echocardiograms, ACS management, heart failure, OOHCA, anything cardiac related on an ICU, medical ward, theatres.
  • Paediatric Emergencies: recognition, involvement, management of the sick child anywhere in a hospital.
  • Plus any CPD, e-learning, Primary Exam etc. In fact, all core programmes include some neuro, cardiac and paeds, so this can be used as evidence to link to these HiLLOs in the LLP.

If you still have questions after reading this information, your ICM Educational Supervisor, Faculty Tutor and Regional Advisor, should be able to help you navigate the new curriculum.

The guidance listed below should also help, all the documents can be found on the ICM Curriculum page on our website


Each of the 14 ICM HiLLOs has a list of ‘Key Capabilities’ underneath them that give examples of ways attainment of the overall outcome can be demonstrated/evidenced. The list is non-exhaustive and not mandatory but should give people enough guidance. Then you have to understand the respective capability levels (1,2 3 or 4) per stage of training you are expected to attain for the HiLLOs. An explanation of the capability levels of training can be found on our website here. 

We also have recordings of webinars we held for StRs and trainers on the LLP on our website you may find helpful.

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