FICM Accredited HEIs

The FICM ACCP Subcommittee are continuing to move forward with plans to undertake HEI Accreditation visits 6 monthly going forward. ​FICM HEI Accreditation will provide assurance to both NHS Trusts and Health Boards that ACCP training pathways reflect the FICM ACCP Curriculum. While the FICM HEI Accreditation process moves forward, FICM ACCP Member Applications will continue to be assessed by the ​FICM ACCP Subcommittee members. Where an applicant has trained in an HEI that has yet to undertake FICM Accreditation, then the onus remains on the ACCP's Trust or Board to ensure that HEI training course reflects the FICM Curriculum Standard.​ Given the FICM HEI accreditation process is an evolving one, which will take a little time, this onus on Trusts and health boards to have due scrutiny and responsibility for the selection of HEI to provide appropriate training remains .  These decisions in some regions of the UK will be closely linked to sources of funding for ACCP training. 

Please find the details of FICM Accredited ACCP Training Sites below.