New ICM Curriculum: Supporting Excellence Queries

  • Not a lot - the overall outcomes of the curriculum remain fit for purpose
  • Nothing to suggest that we are not training good intensivists
  • A feeling that there are a lot of competencies and a degree of assessment fatigue on trainers and trainees
  • HiLLOs form what used to be the domains in the 2010 ICM curriculum
  • Broad categories of what Intensive Care Medicine Doctors do
  • Different levels of attainment at different stages
    • Some may not reach expert level
    • In some expertise (or finished level required for intensive care practise) may develop earlier

From the outside it will look quite similar:

Unchanged Changed
Content Top cases gone
3 Stages Outcomes rather than competencies
Multiple entry points Formative assessments, to guide Educational Supervisors to make summative judgements
FFICM in Stage 2  
Specials Skills Year  
Dual counting with partner specialties  


  • This will be communicated in due course. Preparations for educational resources for trainee and trainers are in place and will be delivered and published in due course.

The plan is for all trainees to move to the new curriculum on 04 August 2021.

  • The plan is for all trainees to move to the new curriculum on 04 August 2021.
  • For those ICM trainees that will be in or entering Stage 3 training on 04 August 2021, so as not to disrupt the final year of training, any ICM Stage 3 trainees that are due to CCT by the end of August 2022 will be given a choice to either:

    • move to the new curriculum (and therefore the new ICM ePortfolio on the Lifelong Learning Platform) OR

    • stay on the existing curriculum and continue using the existing NES ICM ePortfolio to record their training.

  • Discussions are in place but we have provisional approval from partner colleges.
  • Dual Training is likely to look similar to how it is run now and will be fully developed when all of the specialty curricula have been approved by the GMC.