The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is committed to ensuring ICM training opportunities are of a high standard throughout the UK. To achieve this, a quality feedback framework exists between the FICM, the Regional Advisors in ICM (RAs), Faculty Tutors (FTs) and ICM Trainees.

Data is returned to the FICM annually from the Faculty’s Trainee Survey, the GMC’s National Training Survey, recruitment data and the RA annual reports. This information is combined and reviewed by the Training, Assessment and Quality Committee (TAQ). 

QA Annual Report

FICMTAQ publishes an annual report on quality data collected and reviewed during the previous training year.

The reports were implemented in 2014 in order to maintain a record of training programmes, good practice, formal teaching and workforce data.

Training Survey

The FICM Training Survey was introduced to provide a detailed annual snapshot of ICM Training across the UK; it was also designed to generate longitudinal data to enable the Faculty to build a picture of where there may be long-term issues unique to certain sites or regions, whilst also recognising examples of consistently highly rated training posts and locations. 

The survey is created by the FICM Quality Assurance team and issued to the ICM StRs annually between May and August.

Programme Approvals

A revised process for Programme Approvals has been launched by the GMC for adding a new location to an already approved programme.

Deanery/Local Office representatives can apply directly to the GMC for approval using a new application form that asks for  less information.

Royal Colleges/Faculties will no longer need to review requests for approval. However the GMC are encouraging Deanery/ Local Office representatives to continue to work closely with Colleges and Faculties when considering new locations to ensure that the curriculum and assessment requirements can be delivered across the programme with appropriate supervision.

Please see the GMC website here to submit any new location approvals.  

RA Annual Reports

An annual report is completed by ICM RAs yearly between July and September. A summary report is then compiled by the Lead RA to inform the agenda for the annual RA Meeting and the projects and focus of the Training Committee and its relevant sub-groups such as the Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee (CRW).


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