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2021 ICM Curriculum

This curriculum does require a procedural log to be kept, but there is no set way in how this procedural logbook is expected to be presented. A prospective log of procedures undertaken that are key and relevant for practice as an Intensivist should include (but is not an exhaustive list): airway management (including intubations, tracheostomies), invasive monitoring lines (arterial, CVC, vascath), chest drains, bronchoscopy, transfers. It is anticipated that ECHO and FUSIC ultrasound examinations will also be collected as part of pursuing accreditation in such techniques. The involvement and level of supervision required should be referenced (e.g. bedside, local, distant supervision, or teaching) to show progression to independent practice. Patient identifiable data must not be included.

The procedural logbook is a specific ARCP requirement.  It provides supportive evidence of the progression of a doctor’s procedural skills complementary to any SLEs that may be evidenced on the Lifelong Learning Platform.

Logbook Resources

Logbook resources that have been developed externally are listed here for the convenience of trainees and trainers. If you have developed or are aware of any other external logbook resources that could be listed here, please do forward the details to the FICM.  All such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the FICM Training, Assessment & Quality Committee.

External ICM logbooks

This logbook has been developed by Dr Peter Hersey from Sunderland ICCU Medical Education.

This logbook is free, fully editable and available for Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers with cloud and mobile input compatibilities. It includes automatically generated summaries and graphs. It has been designed by Dr Mark ZY Tan, an ICM trainee in the Northwest.

Please Note

The Faculty is not responsible for the content or maintenance of external logbook resources.

Any queries regarding such should be directed to the external provider, not to the Faculty.

2010 Single and Joint ICM CCT curriculum

These curricula continue to require a logbook summary for each placement as part of the ongoing assessment process, which includes relevant information on cases, procedures and transfers. It is expected that information on the level of involvement, and brief learning point notes (particularly for cases) are included.  There is no FICM specifically endorsed or expected format for the logbook, provided it records all of the information requested in the ICM Logbook Summary (see document below). Logbook resources that have been developed externally are listed below for the convenience of trainees and trainers.

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