FICM ACCP National Conference 2024

The ACCP National Conference will take place on Friday 14 June 2024. It will be a day of talks, workshops, AGM and networking, held at the University of Plymouth.

28 days left

Key details

Date: 14 June 2024 I 09:00am - 16.00pm

Location: Plymouth University,

Availability: Places available

CPD credits: 5 (TBC)

The ACCP National Conference will take place on Friday 14 June 2024, with a full day of lectures, workshops, AGM and networking.

Price: £90

Discounts are available on accommodation and train fares!

Bookings are still open for the conference - we are accepting poster submissions for the Louise Houslip Award. Please see here for further details. 


This event is sponsored by Limbs & Things








Welcome from the Dean

Dr Daniele Bryden


Clinical research and the development of the Associate PI IN Critical care

Professor Ruth Endacott

NIHR Director

10.45 –11.15

Q&A Session with Sub-Committee


11.15 -11:35




Future proofing the critical care workforce with Digital Technology

Dr John Downey

Centre for Health Technology, UoP


Aspiring Leadership in critical care

Natalie Gardner

Kings’ College, London





Louise Houslip Award



Breakout Groups – (delegates can pick 2, 45 mins each)



1 – Writing for publication

UoP staff


2 - Utilising VR and AR in critical care

Dr John Downey

14.55 – 15.15




3 - Simulation in critical care

Leeds ACCPs


4 - A career in Education

UoP staff










The Louise Houslip Award

Showcase your local projects, share knowledge, and stimulate debate at the next annual ACCP conference.

The Louise Houslip Award was introduced to memorialise Louise Houslip, a trainee ACCP who was tragically lost at sea during a diving expedition. Louise was passionate about research, continually striving for improvement in all that she did, and so it was agreed this award would be an annual event, given for the best work in research and service improvement within the ACCP community.

This year will be the 2nd annual Louise Houslip Award and FICM are now accepting Poster Presentation submissions for the FICM ACCP Conference at Plymouth University on 14 June 2024.

We are giving ACCP teams a chance to present their research, audit, case reports and practice innovations, that demonstrate progression in the world of ACCPs and Critical Care.

Your presentation will be printed and displayed at the conference and the poster deemed to be the best by the committee will be the winner of the Louise Houslip Award and awarded at the Conference.

Send your submission to by 31 May 2024 and confirm your attendance at the conference when you submit your entry.

Further information:

  • Posters and case reports may contain new research on a topic presented previously.
  • Posters may be submitted where data gathering is still in progress.
  • The poster must fit one side of A3 as this is the size it will be printed and displayed.
  • Submission of a poster constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to be present at the conference to answers questions on their project as accepted.
  • All abbreviations must be defined at first use except for the very well-known.
  • The template is to be used as a guide. If using your own layout, please ensure that you include:
    • Title
    • Author names
    • Organisation logo (optional)
    • Introduction
    • Objectives and methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • References
  • Consent to publish:
    • Individuals - if the abstract contains details relating to individual participants - for example a case report - written informed consent for the publication of these details must be obtained from the participant(s) and emailed to us.
    • Participants – posters at the ACCP Conference may be published on the FICM website, via @FICMNEWS Twitter and in the Critical Eye.
  • The poster deemed the best by the committee will be the winner of the Louise Houslip Award 2024.


Email your poster by 31 May 2024 to with these details:

  • Name(s):
  • Job Title(s):
  • Organisation:
  • Location (city/country):
  • Email Address(es):
  • Twitter:
  • Bio(s): 100 words written in the third person
  • Photo: a high-resolution colour headshot photo of yourself
  • Consent to publish: - written informed consent for the publication of these details must be obtained from the participant(s) and emailed to us.
  • Confirmation of attendance to the conference