Fellowship by Assessment fellowship Route Closing

Published 02/01/2019

Following the decision by the Faculty Board in late 2018, the Fellow by Assessment route will close at midnight on 16 December 2019. We wish to publicise the route closure again to allow time for those thinking of applying to submit an application.

Thinking of applying?

If you think you may be eligible to the Fellowship by Assessment route, we ask that you carefully check the eligibility criteria and membership regulations.

If you wish to submit an application, you will need to fill in the form provided at the bottom of the membership page and email it to contact@ficm.ac.uk. Please note as part of your application you will need the signature of your Clinical Director to confirm your current clinical commitment to ICM in the NHS. If you are the Clinical Director, you will need your senior manager to complete this part of form.

Why is the route closing?

As the Faculty and the training specialty have become more firmly established, there has been reasonable concern expressed by those pursuing the training and examination route, that Fellowship should now be achieved solely via this route (excluding the few rare occasions of honorary routes of Fellowship). The Board approved this change to reflect this and to bring us in line with other postgraduate specialties. 

On the 16 December 2019, Fellowship by Assessment will close and full Fellowship (FFICM) will only be achievable via Fellowship by Examination, Fellowship ad eundem and the honorary routes. 

We will accept applications all day on the 16 December 2019 until midnight.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty