FFICM Examination Update - 23 December 2021

Published 23/12/2021

We have some clearer indications on dates for decisions following the issues with the results of the October FFICM OSCE diet. We can share these with you now, rather than update you in the new year as we said we would do in our last communication on 9 December.

There are two main bodies with whom we are talking – the GMC regarding next steps with the exam results and the RCoA regarding exam re-sits.

Conversations and next steps with the GMC

Following further discussion with the Faculty Board and external stakeholders, we have formally written to the GMC as the regulator to outline the work conducted to date and the proposed solutions.

We are unable to make any changes to the examination without the approval of the GMC, and we have been advised by them that this will be in the first week of January 2022.

We are dependant on the GMC response before we can progress with any resolution regarding the results.

Discussions with the RCoA

We have asked the RCoA Board of Trustees to support our request for a free resit for those who have ultimately failed the OSCE, irrespective of the outcome of GMC discussions. The RCoA Board of Trustees is expected to reach a decision on this also by the first week of January 2022.

Implications for applications for the April 2022 examination

Applications for the April 2022 examination are scheduled to open on 10 January, and we have made it clear to the GMC that this is a significant deadline for receiving their response.

There may be factors outside our control that delay a decision, but if this is the case we will write to you by the end of the day on 10 January 2022 – the date on which the applications open for the April 2022 examination. This will give people thinking of applying for the exam as much information as possible for them to make a decision.

We know it is upsetting going into the Christmas and New Year holidays without definitive news and we want to reassure members that we will continue to work on this issue and will update you of further progress as soon as we are able.

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