Podcast: Knowing Your Team – Part 3

This is the third part of our podcast series on ‘Knowing Your Team’ where we aim to gain a greater understanding of the roles of the different members of the critical care team. This month we will be looking at the roles of the psychologist and occupational therapist in the management of critically ill patients. I hope you will enjoy listening and continue to learn about the real benefits of creating a well-integrated critical care team. 

Lauren Maher & James Bruce – The Critical Care Occupational Therapist

In this podcast Gareth Thomas talks to Lauren Maher and James Bruce about what can be gained by involving occupational therapy in both the acute and rehabilitation phases of critical illness. Lauren and James are both occupational therapist who work in the critical care units of Kingston Hospital, London and Torbay Hospital respectively.

Julie Highfield & Dorothy Wade – The Critical Care Psychologist

Next Gareth has a discussion with Julie Highfield and Dorothy Wade about the role of the psychologist in the recovery of patients and staff from the traumatic experiences associated with critical illness. This podcast gives an excellent summary of the important aspects of psychological support in critical care with a particular focus on delirium and staff well-being.