Podcast: Artificial Intelligence

This month we’ll be talking to Prof Hugh Montgomery about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the potential application of it in critical care and the wider healthcare environment. Hugh is a Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London (UCL), where he also directs the Centre for Human Health and Performance. He has a research interest in Artificial Intelligence as applied to Health and has worked with Google Deepmind and Google Health.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have rapidly developed over the last few years and there are varying opinions on the importance of it’s use in providing care to patients, and obvious concerns about the impact on the medical profession. Hugh eloquently explains what AI means and how we should be looking to develop ‘clean’ data sources that can be used to compliment the work that doctors do. It is likely that AI will not replace doctors, but doctors who use AI will replace those that don’t, and so it’s important to understand the application and boundaries of AI so that we have a deeper understanding of how we might look to use this technology within our own clinical practice