Join us! FICM Committee Recruitment

Published 24/01/2023

We are recruiting new members to the following Committees: Professional Affairs & Safety, Education, Legal & Ethical, Women in Intensive Care and StR. Join us and help contribute to the work of the FICM.  Role profiles and applications can be found below.

Professional Affairs and Safety Committee
(x2 members):


  • Patient safety
  • National standards
  • Provision of services, including GPICS
  • Cross-organisational consensus statements
  • Clinical quality
  • Revalidation
  • Consultations and contributions to guidelines
  • Legal and ethical matters (conducted through the Committee’s Legal & Ethical Policy Unit)


Legal and Ethical Policy Unit
(x2 members):

The Unit reports to the FICM Professional Affairs and Safety Committee (FICMPAS). Its main aim is to agree, discuss and act upon legal decisions that require ethical and clinical guidance for the specialty this includes, but is not limited to: 

  • responding to regulation 28 requests
  • responding to consultations regarding legal issues on behalf of the FICMPAS
  • involvement in submissions to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court on behalf of the 
  • organisations if the matter is felt to have wider connotations for the specialty
  • Producing publications for journals/newsletters and policy documents.

The Unit will not provide legal advice to specific individuals or cases, or provide expert witnesses for the Court. 

Education Sub-Committee
(x1 consultant, x1 trainee member):

The Education Sub-Committee (ESC) coordinates and oversees the Faculty’s focus in the 
areas of: 

  • Overall education strategy
  • Events, study days and conferences
  • e-ICM: the NHS e-learning resource for critical care
  • The FICM’s wider e-learning resource, FICMLearning.

Specialty Registrar (StR) Sub-Committee
(x1 IMG and x1 EM/ICM member):

The Sub-Committee represents the interests and views of ICM Specialty Registrars (StRs) throughout their training and reports into the Faculty’s Training, Assessment and Quality Committee. 

The aims and objectives for the Sub-Committee are as follows:

  • Forum for discussion and representation of views through StR reps on Board and raising any problems and solutions via the Training, Assessment and Quality Committee
  • Produce and source materials for Trainee Eye, seek ways to develop the publication further
  • Collaborate with external stakeholder groups 
  • Identify ways to improve training experience and ICM StR wellbeing
  • Liaise with wider StR network
  • Respond to requests from the Dean, Board, standing Committees and any other sub-committees or working parties for representation, comment or opinion from ICM StRs in training
  • Assist in the production of educational resources for ICM training.

Women in Intensive Care Medicine Sub-Committee
(x1 trainee member):


  • Raise the profile of ICM at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Advocate for female doctors in training and consultant posts
  • Identify and address reasons for gender inequality
  • Network and be part of something critical in the development of ICM in the UK.

Please submit applications along with a short CV to by 9am on 23rd February.