A welcome from the Dean

“Welcome to the Faculty. If you are on this page, I hope you are considering coming to join the largest intensive care statutory organisation in the UK. By joining, you are contributing to the promotion of training and education, improved standards of care, and better outcomes for our patients and their families.  If would be great if the future of critical care could benefit from your experience and passion.”

Alison Pittard, Dean

How your membership counts

The Faculty would not be able to undertake its work without the support of its membership.  By joining, you allow us to take forward a significant number of work streams for the future good of our services.  Read our 10 strategic aims for more on what the Faculty is able to do with your ongoing support.  You can also read our newsletter, Critical Eye, and annual work summary, Critical Works for more information.

In order to improve our services, we try to keep as much of what we do as free and open access, from education to standards.

How you can get involved

Our ‘Getting involved’ webpage includes information on the major committee positions and Faculty roles that members can apply to.  Our members-only monthly e-newsletter, Dean’s Digest, gives up to date critical care news and details on ongoing consultations, surveys and opportunities to get involved.


How can I join?

Take a look at our Membership Flowchart for a quick guide to which category of membership is right for you.

Please see below for all of our routes of membership.  There is some necessary complexity to our routes of membership due to our role as an organisation governed under a royal charter.  Each section below, gives a brief description of the route with more detail available if you click each respective link.  Any questions can be sent to our main inbox, Please note an application can take a calendar month to approve depedning on the complexity of the application and an external review process.

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine has a number of entry routes for Fellowship and Membership.  Please click the links below for individual membership categories. 

Please note that important changes have been announced to the membership routes of Fellowship by Assessment and Associate Fellowship. Please read more here.

If you are not sure about which route you are eligible for, please email with the following information: current job title, your clinical commitment to ICU, exam history, any affiliation you may have with one of our parent colleges, i.e FRCA.

Considered for practitioners across the world who have made sustained and significant contributions to the practice of Intensive Care Medicine.


Awarded to all who pass the FFICM Final Examination.


Open to substantive or honorary UK consultants with a contracted daytime clinical commitment to ICM. 


Open to substantive or honorary UK consultants with a contracted daytime clinical commitment to ICM who are not full Fellows of one of the FICM trustee colleges and have significantly furthered the interests of the Faculty and/or intensive care medicine.


Open to either:
  • Medical practitioners holding a substantive or honorary NHS or Defence Medical Services consultant post in the United Kingdom with a sessional or other contracted clinical commitment to Intensive Care Medicine which does not meet the level of daytime clinical commitment requirement for Associate Fellowship. 
  • Registered ICM Affiliate Trainees who have achieved the stipulated level of commensurate training in ICM.


Open to non-consultant career grade UK doctors with a contracted daytime clinical commitment to ICM who are not eligible for any Fellowship route. 


Open to doctors who are not eligible for another route of membership. This could be doctors on temporary or locum contracts or doctors on SAS contracts not eligible for full Membership. 


This route is ONLY for use by Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs).


This route is open for registered pharmacists in substantive employment in the NHS with a contracted clinical commitment to Critical Care.


This route is open for all nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and doctors and practioners working in critical care not eligible for other routes.


There are two ways that trainees can join the Faculty:


Open to doctors in training on core programmes (ACCS, CAT, CMT/IM) and foundation programmes and medical students.


Fellowship by Assessment [FFICM]
Fellowship by assessment is now only avaible to Joint Trainees that meet the criteria as defined in the Regulations. If you are a Joint Trainee and believe you are eligible for this route, please contact the faculty at .

Please refer to the Faculty's Regulations for further clarification on eligibility requirements.

Please Note: Applicants for Fellowship or Membership of the Faculty will be informed of the outcome of their application and, if successful, receive their certificate in due course. However, there can be a backlog of applications to process and each certificate must be signed by the Dean, Vice-Dean, and Chief Executive before it is posted out. If you have yet to be informed of the outcome of your application, or have received a confirmation letter but not your certificate, please bear with us, it is being processed and you will be notified as soon as possible. The Faculty apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.