The FFICM Final exams consist of an integrated programme of summative assessments, each of which tests different outcomes and competencies using validated assessment methods to test a broad-spectrum of knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviours and attitudes as defined by the Intensive Care Medicine training curriculum.

Trainees are expected to be ‘at the level of a pre-CCT registrar (within one year of training) who would be able to formulate a plan of care for a critically ill patient with appropriate consultant backup’. Passing the fellowship exams is a requirement of progression to Stage 3 of the Intensive Care Medicine training programme and the standard is set to reflect this.

FFICM Final structure

The FFICM Final examination comprises three sections:

  • A Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Structured Oral Examination (SOE).

Each section is marked separately and does not influence the marks in any of the other sections.

Candidates must pass the MCQ examination before they can take the OSCE/SOE examinations. On first attempt, candidates must book both OSCE and SOE components of the examination.

For more information on the FFICM MCQ, OSCE and SOE exam components, please click on the relevant boxes below

Exam timing

The FFICM Final examination can be taken at any point during Stage 2 of the ICM training programme. Eligibility to sit the FFICM Final examination is a pass in the Primary examination of one of the complementary specialty colleges. 

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