Statement following the FICM OSCE/SOE examination results 4 November 2021

Published 05/11/2021
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We are responding to candidates following the release of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine OSCE/SOE examination results yesterday.

Our intention was to ensure that we issued results so that candidates received them on the 4th November 2021. We were careful to ensure the results were accurate and delivered on the day we had set, but we realise that we issued conflicting information about how candidates would receive them and at what time of day.

We know how critically important these results are to candidates and are sorry for the confusion. Our communications were not up to standard and have shown gaps in our processes. We know that this caused avoidable anxiety and we are taking steps to ensure future communications are timely and clear. We know this from other areas too and have already started to address this.

To be clear about the cause of the delay, we needed to resolve an initial concern with the exam results so that we were sure we sent out accurate results. The pass rate for the SOE component was 67% and the pass rate for the OSCE component was 28%. This variation necessitated a detailed investigation of candidate performance across the examination. We therefore needed additional time to check and validate the results of the exam.

Having made copious checks, we were assured that the low OSCE pass rate was accurate and we then issued the results as soon as we had that confidence.

We know there was a simultaneous and unrelated issue with the email system which meant that some candidates’ results were held up. Whilst outside our control, we know this contributed to the distress.

We are thankful to the exams team and the examiners who worked so diligently to re-check the exam data and results against each individual candidate’s answers, to ensure the integrity of the exam and allow for results to be received on the day we originally specified. We are further grateful to staff who stayed throughout the evening to answer every phone call and every email related to the FICM results to support candidates.

We understand the pressure placed on candidates in preparing and taking the exam and the stress of waiting for results and we are sorry that this will have caused additional distress. We are committed to listening to members, making changes and ensuring that these are embedded. We note the open letter from the StR representatives on the FICM Board and the legitimate concerns raised. We will continue working closely with them going forward.


Dr Alison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Danielle Bryden, Vice-Dean of The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Chris Thorpe, Chair of the Training, Assessment and Quality Committee, FICM

Mr Russell Ampofo, Director of Education, Training and Exams, RCoA

Mr James Goodwin, Associate Director of Faculties, FICM