Guidance on the Combined Programme route to CCT

Published 03/05/2022

What if there is doubt about the evidence?

Patient safety is always paramount in any specialty training programme. Time spent in training is short compared to the time doctors spend as a Consultant. There are many training opportunities for StRs, which become harder to find as a Consultant.

Although the GMC is supportive of an approach to accepting prior training, the local training committee must be reassured it is appropriate. This may be easier to ascertain for experience gained in UK based posts but is likely to be harder to ascertain for experience gained overseas.

It is worth emphasising that not all prior experience has to be recognised for ICM training. That in no way demeans the experience, on the contrary, it undoubtedly adds much needed complementary relevant skills.

Local educators should embrace StRs that have prior experience and should acknowledge that with the StR, even if it is not formally recognised in their indicative training time towards attaining an ICM CCT.