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Published 03/12/2021

How do I declare my intention to Dual train on the application form?

Trainees applying for their first CCT programme do not need to declare an intention to Dual although it is always good practice to discuss this with your local TPDs and RAs. 

For those already in possession of either an ICM or a partner specialty National Training Number (NTN), the application form has two questions on it relating to ICM Dual Programmes. The first asks for your current NTN and the second asks for your intention to undertake a Dual programme.

Please read this section carefully as it will affect how you move through the offers system at a later stage. Those with an NTN applying for a Dual programme will only be eligible to preference and accept a post in the same region (see question above).

Those wishing to resign from their first NTN and take an NTN in different specialty in the same or a different region (i.e. to resign Anaesthetics and take up ICM) should not tick the second box indicating their intention to form a Dual programme. Trainees will be expected to declare their intention on the application form at the point of submission.