The bright, outgoing and very competent foundation doctor working with me that day and I were engaging in some chit-chat whilst we waited for the archaic NHS IT system to load.

Written by Dr Gilly Fleming
International Women’s Day (IWD) imagines a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, one that's diverse, equitable and inclusive and where difference is valued and celebrated. Nice words, but one person can’t do much to make a difference can they? It’s down to the people with power to make the big changes right?

Written by Dr Daniele Bryden
I had a bit of a meltdown this year. It is very hard to admit that I had “a bit of a meltdown”. I am going to talk about my struggles this year. I share this personal account for anyone who needs to hear that it is perfectly acceptable to have a meltdown once in a while. (If you do not want to read any further but would like the list of resources for well-being that I have compiled please scroll to the end).

Written by Dr Mishti Oberoi
Meetings can be fascinating places, even if the topic at hand is dry. There’s a skill to being a meeting attendee that I think can be learned, and whilst I make no claim to be an expert, the following learning points include mistakes I’m embarrassed to have made…

Written by: Dr Peter Hersey
Having attended previous mentorship courses and workshops I have always realised the benefits of being both a mentor and mentee, yet I have never before signed up to have a mentor. Why? I guess I was worried...

Written by Dr Laura Coleman
The pros and cons of an electronic clinical information system (CIS) in ICU and its implications during the pandemic.

Written by: Dr Jon Sturman
I cycled in because how else was I meant to enjoy the unexpected heatwave during a 12-hour shift? This ran through my mind for the next 2 weeks whilst I sat home dealing with a fractured clavicle and maxillary sinus...

Written by Dr Alexandra Kendall-Smith
This is an account of an unexpected major incident that involved 47 tourists and sadly resulted in the deaths of 22 people.

Written by: Dr Christopher I’Anson
In January 2018 I was at a bit of a loose end. I was in the last 6 months of my CT2b year of ACCS anaesthetics. During a theatre list I was talking to one of my consultants who recommended a year in Australia. What was meant to be one year out turned into four...

Written by Dr Emily Reynolds
Should Intensive Care Medicine Registrars have training in Palliative Care?

Written by: Stuart Edwardson