Sustainable Careers for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs)

Published 10/01/2023


Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs) are permanent staff who form a vital role in many critical care units across the UK. Over time, the number of qualified ACCPs has grown, and the knowledge, experience, expertise, and capabilities of experienced ACCPs has increased enormously. There is therefore a need to formalise the career pathway for ACCPs to ensure a clear and consistent career framework and career trajectory, where seniority is appropriately recognised in terms that align nationally with other acute care practitioners.

A formal career pathway will ensure parity between individuals of similar seniority whether in the same or different organisations, and it will support individuals, critical care units and organisations in delivering fairness and ensuring equity.

Finally, career formalisation allows all elements of an ACCP’s work and their wider role within the critical care unit to be fully recognised and in doing so ensure that this role remains appealing and sustainable in the years ahead. This document aims to provide this framework and in doing so guide ACCPs, critical care units and organisations in providing a clear, consistent, and supportive ACCP career pathway across the UK. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experience that define each tier of ACCP seniority are described in this document.