Guidance for Training Units

Published 22/02/2022

Training Recommendations

  1. Hospitals / Departments should provide access to relevant and up to date Intensive Care Medicine journals and books relevant to the training of all members of the MDT.
  2. Critical care units should provide additional access to online clinical resources from within the clinical area relevant to all staff.
  3. Study leave, in line with contractual agreements, to attend intensive care-related courses and conferences should be provided where appropriate and reasonable to help meet curriculum and PDP requirements.
  4. Where possible, providing 'on call' (as opposed to resident) out of hours opportunities for Stage 3 trainees is to be encouraged. It is not appropriate for Stage 3 trainees to be the most junior member of the resident ICM medical team.
  5. Departments are encouraged to provide trainees with appropriate access to IT, rest and accommodation facilities.