ICM ARCP Guidance

Published 03/05/2022

Guidance for ARCP Panels


  • Definition of the minimum data set for each specialty, for each year of training

FICM response:  there should be no rationale for accepting a reduced minimum data set at ARCP from April 2022, and evidence for HiLLOs should be presented in the LLP as per the 2021 Assessment Strategy, and the outcomes-based curriculum.

  • Provision of clear specialty-specific criteria for non-progression

FICM response:  The reasons for an ARCP Panel to recommend non-progression are described in the decision aid and include standard and no-fault COVID outcomes. In addition, StR confirmation that they do not feel they are competent to progress should be an absolute bar to progression of training until the articulated deficiencies have been addressed.

  • Identification of specialty-specific situations that might require an ARCP panel of three members

FICM response: We do not feel this is necessary, as long as the ICM TPD or RA is involved as one of the two on the ARCP panel, then we would be happy. In line with current practice and to ensure fairness, neither individual can be the trainee’s Educational Supervisor.

  • Provision of advice regarding what amendments to person specifications are necessary for any subsequent programmes, trainees will be moving into to facilitate career progression of trainees who have been unable to acquire capabilities in their core programme due to the impact of COVID-19. Such changes may need to be enacted for a number of years

FICM response: We continue to accept the changes made by the specialties of the core programmes that feed into ICM training (e.g. ACCS/EM/CAT/IMT).

  • Provision of advice regarding which capabilities may be gained, or examinations undertaken in an Acting Up position or in a Period of Grace after the point CCT would normally have been awarded, within a defined education/development plan

FICM response:  The curriculum already has provision for allowing a StR performing the role of a Consultant in an “acting up” capacity to count their last 3 months of training towards their CCT. This is dependent on them having already acquired the necessary curriculum competencies. This will remain unchanged and the StR can only be recommended for a CCT when training has been completed in full. Thus, no capabilities or examinations can be deferred until after a CCT has been awarded. The required evidence will be subject to the conditions and limitations stated above.

  • Development of a GG8-compliant, decision-aid describing acceptable compensatory evidence (with examples) that ARCP panels could consider where normal evidence is not available due to the current situation

FICM response: The advice to ARCP Panel members will be that in principle the requirement to have achieved all required capabilities to progress in training remains unchanged and that evidence should be presented as indicated in the 2021 Curriculum Assessment Strategy. The StR’s confirmation that they agree with the Panel’s acceptance of their competency will be paramount. The Faculty have therefore set out some principles below. However, the final decision on the achievement of competence and progression will remain with the ARCP Panel.