ICM ARCP Guidance

Published 03/05/2022

ICM ARCP/Recruitment Decision Aid

Critical SPECIALTY-SPECIFIC progression points

This document serves to update the ARCP COVID derogations, in place since May 2020, and should be implemented with immediate effect.

It should be noted that the Faculty remain committed to the classification of the ‘no-fault’ COVID outcomes (10.1 and 10.2), but that their use has now become limited in the current training climate.

1. Entry into ICM National Recruitment (ST3)

From the usual routes eg ACCS, CAT, IMT; no derogations required.

2. Completion of Stage 1 ICM Training




Full ARCP requirements including e-Portfolio completed


Outcome 1

Issue Stage 1 certificate

3. Completion of Stage 2 ICM Training




Full e-portfolio and ARCP requirements completed including FFICM exam


Outcome 1

Issue Stage 2 certificate

Full e-Portfolio and ARCP requirements completed but without FFICM exam due to COVID-19 circumstances (as long as previous ARCP outcome not due to same)


Outcome 10.1 with all relevant and applicable “C” Codes


Issue Stage 2 certificate and add a clear narrative to the ARCP Outcome in the e-Portfolio regarding exam to be taken during Stage 3

Has been unable to complete satisfactory attachments due to COVID-19, irrespective of FFICM exam success

Will be unable to make up Stage 2 training within standard Stage 3 time

Outcome 10.2 with all relevant and applicable “C” Codes


Additional training time at Stage 2 needed


There must be an individualised appraisal of each ICM Specialty Registrar (StR) at ARCP of their particular circumstances.

There should be a benefit versus risk consideration of the no-fault outcomes of 10.1 and 10.2 (and hence remaining in Stage 2) pending exam completion.  Moreover a previous 10.1 or 10.2 should preclude the further issuance of such, unless in exceptional circumstances.

If a StR has a training record of prior exam success, good engagement with the 2020 curriculum and LLP, general progression, and support from the ES (with whom the StR should have had dialogue prospectively) then it would be reasonable to award a 10.1.

If the StR has previously struggled with exams, or there are training progression concerns, either raised by the ES, or evidential from the LLP, then it would be reasonable to issue a 10.2.

It may also be preferable according to the StRs personal circumstances. This is in the best interests of the StR.

4. Completion of Stage 3 ICM Training Summer 2022




Full e-portfolio and ARCP requirements completed


Outcome 1 (or 6 if at end of training)

Issue Stage 3 certificate and complete necessary paperwork recommending them for a CCT

Has been unable to complete satisfactory requirements for Stage 3 regardless of COVID-19 or unsatisfactory ESSR.

Unable to achieve required elements before end of training

Outcome 3.

Where COVID is felt to have significantly affected the completion of requirements, a 10.2 may be appropriate.


A detailed narrative must be included in the trainee’s ARCP record on the e-portfolio with all relevant COVID ARCP Outcome codes (C1-12) being entered which are applicable to the trainee’s circumstances. The accompanying narrative should detail the specifics that need to be addressed over the following year.

It is imperative that the previous year’s ARCP narrative (i.e. 2021 in this case) is reviewed at the next ARCP to ensure these conditions have been met ICM Training Stage certificates will also reflect the narrative and rationale for derogations.