ICM ARCP Guidance

Published 03/05/2022

Process for ARCP mediation (if required)

The principle will be to ensure progression wherever possible. There is the opportunity for the trainee to raise their own concerns regarding their readiness to progress. Should the ARCP Panel have a query prior to determining an outcome (or an RA/TPD ahead of a panel occurring), or have a disagreement with a trainee over suitable evidence or a point of progression for example, the ARCP Panel Chair (or RA/TPD if considering an issue prior to ARCPs) is able to contact FICM for a definitive answer on a particular matter, prior to issuing an outcome.

These queries will be reviewed by the Lead RAs and/or the Chair/Deputy Chair of the Faculty’s Training, Assessment and Quality Committee. This is particularly important for ICM, as we have trainees taking quite heterogeneous routes, so please do ask if unsure, so that we apply a consistent approach. FICM will keep a log of such questions, so as to ensure consistency of approach, and provide wider dissemination of potential learning points from the process.

There are already mechanisms for a trainee to appeal an ARCP outcome via local HEE/SEB procedures.