FICM Learner LLP Step-by-Step Guide

Published 14/12/2021

Checking your progress with the curriculum

On the homepage, select ‘Review Curriculum’ Listed you will see 14 High Level Learning Outcomes (HiLLOs) for each Stage of training.

For each HiLLO the heading will be

  • Red if no evidence has been linked to the outcome
  • Orange once evidence is linked to the outcome
  • Blue once a LOC form has been submitted for the HiLLO
  • Green when the LOC form is approved.

To see the evidence linked to each HiLLO

  • Click the down-facing arrow to the right of the HiLLO box

Beneath each HiLLO is the suggested evidence for you to link and the required capability level. For further information:

  • Select ‘further details’.