FICM Learner LLP Step-by-Step Guide

Published 14/12/2021

Creating an Educational Supervisor's Structured Report (ESSR)

  • From the development box on the homepage, select ‘ESSR Records’
  • Select ‘create new ESSR’
  • Complete the form
  • Select ‘Create ESSR’
  • Add the Faculty Tutor by selecting ‘Choose Faculty Tutor’ (it’s not very visible near the top of the form)
  • Check the ESSR contains all the evidence you expect it to, and that everything is where you expect it to be. If not, modify any entries that are incorrect and make sure the date range is correct.
  • Select if you have had any absences and add any comments
  • Select ‘send to Educational Supervisor’ – it will send it to your named Educational Supervisor of your placement.

You may want to check this has been submitted by reviewing your ‘Recent Activity’ box in your FICM Learner dashboard.