FICM Learner LLP Step-by-Step Guide

Published 14/12/2021

Storing documents for later use

The document store is a place to upload files that you want to link to a personal activity or PDP item that you do not necessarily plan to create straight away. Note the following:

  • Once a document has been linked it cannot be deleted from the document store
  • Once it has been linked to a personal activity or a PDP, it cannot be linked to anything else
  • A document can only be linked to a PDP or personal activity
  • It also cannot be linked to a PDP or personal activity that is already created
  • Documents within the document store are not visible on an ESSR
  • An ARCP panel will not be able to access or view any items saved in your document store. Due to these limitations, we recommend only using the document store if you will not have access to your files and the LLP on the same device.

To upload a document to the document store

  • From the development box on the homepage, select ‘document store’
  • Select ‘upload new document’
  • Choose the file
  • Add a description (optional)
  • Select ‘upload’ The document will now appear in your list of documents (which has a search function).

To link a document to a PDP or personal activity

  • Select ‘create new PDP item’ or ‘create new personal activity’
  • Create the PDP item or personal activity